During the International Youth Festival you have the opportunity to participate in one workshop which will be held in three units.

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WS-01: Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop is an American couples’ dance that has its origins in 1920s and 30s Harlem, New York. It is mostly danced to swing music, but can be adapted to many styles. FUN is very important in Lindy Hop and it’s almost impossible not to get in a good mood while dancing Lindy Hop.

In this course we will dance a lot, look at the basic rhythm of Swing, practice our first figures and discuss the connection between leader and follower. You do not need previous dance experience or a dance partner to sign up. Lindy Hop is a social dance: You’ll swap partners again and again. You can decide on the spot whether you want to lead or follow. So, if you like Swing music and want to catch a bit of the flair of the 20s and 30s, come on by, we look forward to meeting you.

Workshop leader: Hannah Chmela

I am 24 years old, a former Waldorf student and have just finished my university studies. I discovered Lindy Hop about two years ago. Since then I have found it the ideal way to balance out my everyday life. I live out my passion for this dance whenever possible, and pass it on to others with enthusiasm.

Hannah Chmela

Sprachen: German, Englisch

WS-02: Hip Hop for Beginners

Have you always wanted to learn to dance Hip Hop? Then you’ve come to the right place! You can expect cool moves, a choreography and lots of fun. We are offering a Hip Hop/Streetdance course for beginners! If you already have experience, even better! We will practice many dance steps and learn a cool choreography with you. We will also do dance battles to practice Freestyle. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

What you need to bring:

Sporty/comfortable clothing; sneakers; water; a good mood

Workshop leaders: Johanna and Isa

We are Johanna and Isa from the Hanseatic city of Rostock. We come from the dance group “Tanzschule Schimmelpfennig” and have been dancing for about two years. Hip Hop is our passion and we have garnered a lot of competition experience and prizes, both with our crew and as duo partners. We love dancing and would like to share some of this joy with you!

Johanna und Isa

Language: German

WS-03: Archery

In this lively workshop, intuitive archery will be combined with practical exercises of process work in nature. We start with the techniques of intuitive archery. Its most important aspects: hand-eye coordination, concentration and how you balance both.

Workshop leader: Ben Black

Ben Black was born in 1976 in Toronto, Canada. After graduating from the Toronto Waldorf School, he studied German, English and Religious Studies at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick and at Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen. From 2002 he continued his studies at the Priest Seminary of the Christian Community in Stuttgart. He was ordained in 2008. Since September 2009, he has been living and working as a priest in Cologne, Germany

Ben Black

Language: German, English

WS-04: Blacksmithing

At the open forge, we transform old horseshoes into new candlesticks. We will get to know the basics of blacksmithing and work in pairs. All blacksmithing enthusiasts are cordially invited.

Workshop leader: Alexandros Poulekas

I am 49 years old and teach Woodworking and Metalwork at Freie Waldorfschule Köln (Cologne Waldorf School).

Alexandros Poulekas

Language: German

WS-05: Painting the World Tree on a Wooden Panel

We will paint a Tree of Life on a wooden board. Countless myths grow around this ancient symbol. The Tree of Life lives in the consciousness of the most diverse cultures: from East to West, South to North. We find corresponding pictures in North America and Africa, India and Egypt, Europe and Asia. The tree protected human beings, also giving them knowledge of good and evil. In Ukrainian tradition, people embroidered the Tree of Life on a wedding cloth, painted or carved it into wooden furniture and doors, and decorated the stove with it.

Please bring: Eagerness to try something new, and an old T-shirt that can get dirty.

Workshop leader: Maryna Yandolenko

Maryna Yandolenko is a painter from Odessa, Ukraine. Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany (for example, currently in Bochum). She lives and works in Odessa.

Maryna Yandolenko

Language: German, English, Ukrainian and Russian

WS-06: Textile Design

Here, even beginners can achieve great results: free design or collages such as stamp printing are an enjoyable way to create a new piece of clothing. You can bring new T-shirts to design, or spruce up your old dress, skirt or trousers. We will work with wash-resistant pigments, but you can also clean the clothes afterwards. With your imagination and creativity, we will have a lot of fun.

Workshop leader: Marichka Ostrowska

I am Marichka Ostrowska, a painter from Lutsk, Ukraine. I like working with various techniques, especially in the field of decoration and textiles.

Marichka Ostrowska

Language: German, English, Ukrainian and Russian

WS-07: The Act of Consecration of Man – a Modern Path of Initiation

The Act of Consecration of Man is a modern path of initiation. It leads to a deeper relationship with life. The life of the world and one’s own biography can be experienced not only as “something” but as “someone”: a being with whom we can build and cultivate a relationship, a friend. A “part of ourselves” becomes a counterpart, someone we can relate to. In conversation, we will explore how we can follow this path.

Workshop leader:

Arianne Hornemann was ordained as a priest at the age of 24. She is married and the mother of four children. She is a priest in the Dortmund congregation.

Ariane Hornemann

Language: German

WS-08: Sometimes, No End Is in Sight

Workshop on the topic of suicide. When life seems pointless. Dying, death, and life after death. Learning to love life before death…

Workshop leader: Jan Tritschel

Born 1970 in Weimar, Germany. 10 years of school, swimming, wind orchestra, punk band, theater carpenter, escape attempts, embassy occupation, in the West, squatting, construction trailer, from New York to Tierra del Fuego, silence, London, priest seminary in Stuttgart and Hamburg, ordination, married, 4 children (2 in heaven), priest in Dresden

Jan Tritschel

Language: German

WS-09: Improvisation = Reality, squared

“Theater sport” refers to fast-paced improvisation based on audience suggestions – you can try it out and practice it in this workshop. First of all, we “play ourselves free” using trust-building exercises, stimulate each other’s imagination and finally practice how to bring spontaneous theatre scenes onto the stage in different “disciplines”. You don’t need any previous knowledge or experience, just the courage to get involved in the creativity of the moment. Keith Johnstone, the inventor of this art of improvisation, says that our “childlike thinking” is an inexhaustible potential to which we can easily gain access.

Workshop leader: Ulrich Meier

Priest and theater sport coach from Hamburg, Germany.

Ulrich Meier

Language: German, English

WS-10: Sculpting Reality United – every moment is now!

“… there can be no you without an I,
for without an I there can be no confrontation,
no encounter.”

By entering into a process with clay, the participants practice self-perception and perception of others. All of our senses become more aware, and we realize that the clay gives way without giving up. This workshop offers the opportunity to work interculturally, by means of gestures.

Workshop leader: Silke Speckenmeyer

Silke Speckenmeyer, Cologne

Sculptor, teacher and anthroposophic art therapist, BA

…freelancing since 2006 with various pedagogical, art, therapeutic and conflict-culture projects, wide variety of teaching activities, own studio activities, current information at:

Silke Speckenmeyer

Language: German

WS-11: Fashion: Between Clothing and Costume

The reality of fashion ranges from industrial mass production to artfully handcrafted individual pieces.  Every one of us is included in this spectrum when we put on our “second skin” every morning and thus determine how we want to be seen – and to a certain extent who we are. In this workshop, we will explore what fashion actually is and what it says about us. We’ll look at the history of fashion and examine current trends. Feel free to bring photos (from magazines etc.) of outfits that you find interesting.

Workshop leader: Jan Kirdorf

Jan Kirdorf, born 1990 in Berlin. I attended Freie Waldorfschule Kreuzberg and Paulsen Gymnasium. In 2015, I completed my training as a state-certified fashion designer at Lette-Verein Berlin. I have been studying in Stuttgart at the Seminary of the Christian Community since Autumn 2017.

Jan Kirdorf

Language: German

WS-12: Move and Encounter

Moving and encountering the space between you and me/ me and you/ me and world/ me and us. What is it that unfolds between us? What is it that makes me move, how i move, get moved ore move others? How do we meet ourselves and others through movement/ with movement/ in movement. We are going to look for those moments of reality, were we truely meet one another.

Workshop leader: Selma Fricke

Who am I? My Name is Selma Fricke and I am a Performing Artist, Tutor and Coach for Eurythmy and Business Development. I am active in the field of biographical development and inspiring others in their work. Issues such as sustainability and social development are of great importance to me personally. Eurythmy as a type of artistic and wellness movement, that is commonly referred to as soul gymnastics has been a passion of mine since I was in school. Now I’m teaching Eurythmy since 2012 inviting my students to connect with and to express feelings and forms visually that normally remain hidden in our everyday life.

Selma Fricke

Language: English, German

WS-13: Healthy in Body and Soul?

I’m sitting at the bedside of a man who is mortally ill: He has cancer that has metastasized in his bones. He suffers from shortness of breath due to the accumulation of water in his pleura. He is physically very weak and exhausted. But when he speaks of his search for healing, which has led him to a famous healer in South America and to shamans in Africa, of his inner path, of his friendships and his work as a musician, he seems infinitely alive, animated and spiritually present. The conversation touches me deeply – it is an antithesis to many encounters with people who are ill because they feel exhausted and depleted despite their physical health. How wonderful and mysterious is the interplay of body, soul and spirit! Anthroposophy offers many suggestions for health and healing. In this course we talk about the sources of holistic health for a fulfilled life, including selected clinical cases.

Workshop leader: Dr. Tobias Sprenger

Dr. Sprenger studied medicine at Ruhr University Bochum including two years of medical research and studies in North and South America, Australia and Asia. Year-long internship in Barcelona. Doctoral examination at Tropical Institute Tübingen and partner university Pontifica Universidade Católica RS, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Post-doctorate training at the University of Witten-Herdecke and two general practices in Cologne. Own private practice since 2006.

Main specialties: Anthroposophic medicine, preventative medicine and health promotion.

Dr. Tobias Sprenger

Language: German

WS-14: I Want the Good Life! – From Vision to Reality

For all who dare to sneak up to the questions: What do I want out of life? – and – What does life want from me?

Whether you’re currently in school or university, a school dropout, undecided, a globetrotter, or taking a gap-year: We invite you to an inspiring exchange about the adventure of shaping your own biography.

In conversation, we want to discover what this phase of life can be about. We’d also like to explore how each of us can recognize the hidden “leitmotiv” in our lives, and take it up.

Workshop leaders:

SYLVIA STOWASSER, vintage 1967. Former Waldorf student, studied Math, Biology and Music Education. Led a Waldorf kindergarten in Cologne. Taught at a Waldorf teacher training center. Actively supports children and youth work in the Christian Community.

Sylvia Stowasser

LENA JÜSTEL, born 1999, working in the festival office. Since I am currently in my final year at the Sankt Augustin Waldorf School, I’m right in the middle of this workshop topic and searching for the right path.

Lena Jüstel

Language: German

WS-15: Here and the Other Side – Where Do We Actually Live?

A surprisingly large number of people have very concrete experiences of the “other world”. They see angels, hear the deceased, etc. People who have near-death experiences also describe similar experiences of the supersensible world. Science finds it difficult to deal with such experiences and, in extreme cases, classifies them as a product of the human brain. Through conversation, we want to look for other ways of explaining these phenomena.

Workshop leader: Ulrich Goebel

Training as an electronics technician, degree in Mathematics. Priest in the Christian Community since 2000, currently working in the Bonn congregation.

Ulrich Goebel

Language: German

WS-16: Questions  about the future of the Christian Community

Workshop with the members of the Circle of Seven. In this workshop you can ask all the questions that you ever wanted to ask about the Christian Community and its future.

With Vicke von Behr, Christward Kröner and Jaroslaw Rolka, member of the Cirle of Seven and Yaroslava Black, Priest in Cologne.

Christward Kröner








Vicke von Behr and Yaroslava Black
Jaroslaw Rolka








language: German, English


Information comming soon….

WS-18: Initiation of the Heart

Deeper dimensions of the practice of compassion in our time and the revelation of the ‘Fifth Gospel’

In this two-part workshop we will explore a signature experience of being alive in our time – the overwhelming experience of taking in the suffering of the world. We will do so by asking, „Why is the divine wisdom leading us into these experiences? What can I do with these experiences? How can I overcome the tendency to give into despair, rage or cynicism and retain my love of humanity?” To answer these question we will delve into the practice of compassion and the significance of feeling and then explore Rudolf Steiner’s unique research into what he called “The Fifth Gospel”, a gospel uniquely appearing in our time.  We will focus especially on the so-called, ‚unknown years‘ of Jesus, from age 12 to 30, where his path leads him through experiences that open him up to become a bearer of the world healer, the one we know of as ‘Christ’.


Part I:  Feeling the World – and the “world significance” of our inner lives.
Part II: Initiation of the Heart – Jesus and his path to becoming the bearer of Christ.


Workshop leader: Patrick Kennedy

In April of 2006 Patrick was consecrated into the priesthood in Chicago, Illinois. Prior to attending the seminary in Stuttgart, Germany, Patrick studied and worked in the field of Early Childhood Education and received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Cruz in Cultural Anthropology.  His first sending as a priest was to the congregation in Devon, Pennsylvania. From November 2007 to November 2015 he served as the resident priest in the Washington D.C. area congregation. He now lives in Chestnut Ridge, New York, with his wife and two daughters, working both as a director of the Seminary and in the local congregation.

Patrick Kennedy

Language: English, German

WS-19: Encountering Each Other

How do I encounter someone else? How do I meet myself by encountering another human being?

Nowadays there is an urgent need to cultivate a communication culture, where encounters can take place out of the genuine interest for each other.

Within the workshop, we will deal with these questions and we will attempt, through conversations and exercises in small groups, to find necessary skills for creating a trustful space where encounters can be possible.

Workshop leader: Ioana Viscrianu

Ioana Viscrianu was born and grew up in Romania, where she was active in the Youth Section. After studying Economics and Psychology in Bucharest, and completing her trainiug in Biography Work, she moved to Germany, where she studied at the Alanus Hochschule and worked in the social field with people from different cultures. Now she is part of the Youth Section team.

Ioana Viscrianu

Language: English

WS-20: Putting Reality into Words – Is It Possible?

When we write or speak, we use words to refer to what we encounter in our life, either in the outer world of our senses, or within our own soul. Using words, we try to share our experiences with other people. In this workshop, we will use short exercises to explore the possibilities of describing the reality of our experiences with words – and also look at why it is often difficult to find the right words.

Workshop leader: Katinka Schulte-Ostermann

Waldorf student in Kiel (until 1995), priest seminary in Stuttgart and philosophy studies in Kiel and Leipzig (until 2005), doctoral studies and lecturer at the universities of Leipzig and Duisburg-Essen (until 2009). Ordained in 2010. Currently priest of the Christian Community congregation in Cologne-East.

Katinka Schulte-Ostermann

Language: German, English

WS-21: International folkdances – traditional and modern choreographies

To me, dancing is joy. Folk dances are very different, depending on the culture from which they originate, and usually reflect the characteristics of each culture. Each culture has its own unique dances. All dances have their own mood and effect. In my workshop “International Folkdances” we will learn a colorful range of folkdances from different cultures: lively, fast, calm and relaxing dances. They are easy to learn and require no previous dance experience or special talents. Folk dancing is for everyone. The joy and enthusiasm is not created by complicated steps or techniques, but simply by the fact that moving to music is fun.

Workshop leader: Thorben Seidler

I love to dance and make music in my spare time. I took dance lessons from 9th grade on, also teaching Standard and Latin at my school prior to graduation. Right now, I am dancing in a Latin team in Kassel.

I have also trained as a dance teacher for international folk dances and now try to dance with people as often as possible. For the 5 years, I’ve been rehearsing weekly with a folkdance group; each summer, we tour through Germany and Switzerland, and perform.

I played the cello for a long time, now I play piano and guitar, and take singing lessons. Starting September 2018, I would like to study Music and Physics with a view to becoming a teacher.

Thorben Seidler

Language: German, English

WS-22: The Reality We Put on Our Skin – Chemicals, or Green Cosmetics?

Sometimes the reality in which we live is not so easy to recognize, for example in the field of cosmetics and body care. Together, we want to look at what our care products contain, and what natural or green alternatives are available. Nature has a lot to offer for our beauty and health, and it’s not difficult to produce your own alternatives quickly and cheaply: from lip balm to deodorant, facial cleanser, and shower gel. We’ll try a lot out and apply some of what we discover right away. And because beauty not only comes from the outside, we’ll also power up from the inside, for example enjoying a “skin-refresher smoothie”. By the way, whenever possible, we’ll offer men’s care options, too…

Workshop leader: Miriam Röger

Born 1985 in Essen, grew up in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Attended the Waldorf School, then did two years of voluntary service at the Sheiling School Ringwood, England. In 2007, I began my studies at the Seminary of the Christian Community in Hamburg. In 2009/10, I helped organize the 2010 World Congress of the Christian Community “Future Now” in Dortmund. I was ordained as a priest in 2013, first sent to Wuppertal and am now active in Bochum. I have always loved spices, herbs and medicinal plants, initially only during cooking, but for some time now also with the question: What do the plants themselves tell us about their healing effects, and how can we use them in everyday life?

Miriam Röger

Language: German, Englisch

WS-23: Become a Reality Artist

Starting from our experiences of a partially destructive reality in the world, an impulse for change begins from within – with an idea workshop and our own visions. You will be methodically equipped to start your own campaigns (such as “WOW Day”), projects, and student businesses that change your school and the world. This workshop teaches basic project management skills and includes group work on development policy topics.

Workshop leader: Marie-Luise Fischle

In 2016, Marie-Luise Fischle spent a year in Ghana, working in education at the Baobab Children Foundation.

Marie-Luise Fischle

Language: German

WS-24: Sketching – Attitude and Lifestyle

Day 1: Relaxation exercises, line and plane, the strengths of sketching in comparison to photography, the analog attitude, graphical simplification and visual codes, selecting and focusing on details, seeing correctly, no fear of the first line – just do it!

Day 2: There is no “wrong” – so let’s go!

Workshop leader: Michel Adams

I was born 11.11.1982 in Herdecke, Germany. I’m married and the father of two children.
Studied 12 semesters as a communication designer. Since January 2018, I am training as a media educator / educational-therapeutic media consultant at Freie Hochschule Stuttgart and Seminar für Waldorfpädagogik Berlin. Since February 2018 self-employed in the areas of motivational training, media and creative workshops, and multilateral coaching. Percussionist and drummer for over 20 years.

I am excited about the expressive and narrative possibilities that analog sketching offers. Free from any demand for perfection, it is about focusing on your own preferences and shaping your individual experiences and feelings.

Michel Adams

Language: German

WS-25: Moved by Reality

Through lively, spontaneous games and focused exercises we will “movethrough different aspects of the themeReality United“.  We will work to expand and sharpen our perception for the world around us, while simultaneously tuning our senses to what lies within. Using elements from Eurythmy, improvisation, and other forms of movement we will explore individuality and community. Join us in moving to unfold the power of our imagination to create a new reality

Workshop leader: Colleen Foglia

Born in North America, currently living in Berlin Germany. Bachelors in Fine Arts and Art Therapy and presently studying Eurythmy in the second year.

Colleen Foglia

Language: German, English

WS-26: Becoming a Priest in the 21st Century

One thing’s for sure: The world in which we live today has not been waiting for priests! Our society is characterized by materialism and the pursuit of success on the one hand, and injustice and the suffering of those who have been “left behind” on the other. And, in the middle, stands the human being and has to find a way forward. God, religion and a living relationship to creation, an image of humanity based on freedom and dignity – today, all of this is banished to the private sphere and does not really carry weight when it comes to shaping this world.

Does this world still need priests? And, if so, what are the tasks of a priest today? What does a priest stand for? Is it enough to be interested in people, or is more necessary? What does a priest need to be able to do? What ideals must she or he have? Can a priest heal the world? Can a priest change the world? And – do you have to be a priest to change the world, or could you take a completely different approach…?

This workshop provides a space to meet with Stephan Meyer, a director of the Seminary of the Christian Community in Stuttgart, and seminary students. Are you interested in the Seminary, or looking for your very own, personal task in life? We look forward to meeting you! Together we want to explore what priesthood can mean today, and how to become a priest. We will also make space for individual conversations, and find answers to any questions you bring.

Together, we may discover that this world is waiting for priests more than one would expect…

Workshop leaders:

STEPHAN MEYER, born 1957 in Hannover, Germany. Studied at the Priest Seminary in Stuttgart, ordained in 1983. Congregational priest from 1983 until 2003 in Heidenheim and Stuttgart-Mitte. Regional co-ordinator (Lenker) of Baden-Württemberg from 2003 to 2010. Since 2010, member of the leadership of the Christian Community (Circle of Seven). Also helps candidates prepare for ordination at the Seminary.

Stephan Meyer

GUIDO ROSELL, born 1988 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Voluntary work in São Paulo, Brazil. Co-founder of the Youth Section of the Anthroposophical Society in Argentina. Participation in various projects with young people. He has been a student at the Stuttgart Seminary since September 2016.

Guido Rosell

language: German, English

WS-27: Choir

In his workshops he will introduce us to beautiful melodies from all over the world in choral arrangements ranging from the easy to the more advanced.
His energy and musical sensitivity are guaranteed to enthuse all participants!

Workshop leader: Jeroen

Jeroen Moes was born and studied in the Netherlands. He teaches music in Berlin, at the Waldorf school in Kleinmachnow and at the teacher seminar in Ljubljana.
His courses in vocal music take him to many parts of Europe and in Berlin he leads several choirs.


language: German, English, Dutch

WS-28: Taekwondo

Taekwondo: foot work – hand work – spiritual path. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that was brought to Germany in the 1960s. In this workshop, we will encounter the various disciplines of modern and traditional Taekwondo. Perception, concentration, coordination, and team spirit are essential elements. We will explore the traditional kicks, blocks and punches, as well as self-defense techniques and modern competitions. We’ll focus on assessing distances and practicing sequences – it’s not about victory or defeat. I look forward to meeting you!

Please bring: comfortable sporty clothing, sneakers, water, towel, eagerness to move

Workshop Leader: Lotta Merfeld

I am 21 years old and come from Herdecke. I have been practicing Taekwondo for 11 years and wear the third dan (third-degree black belt). I graduated from the Rudolf Steiner School in Bochum and have been training as an emergency paramedic since the end of 2016.

Lotta Merfeld

Language: German

WS-29: Land – Art

Land art is the transformation of geographical space into a work of art. But is that the whole story? How can everything become a work of art, and how do we ourselves become transformed in the process of creating art? As human beings, are we part of the artwork, or do we stand opposite it? Let’s meet these questions creatively, actively experiencing how transforming the environment does not pass us by without a trace.

Workshop Leader:Sebastian Otto

Born 1977 in Darmstadt and raised there. Studied Biology in Freiburg, and later Mathematics in Heidelberg. Taught school near Freiburg. Transfer to the Seminary of the Christian Community in 2015; priest of the Christian Community since 2017.

Sebastian Otto

Language: German, English, Spanish