International Youth Festival of the Christian Community

Found packets of seeds?

Nowadays, we seem to be swimming in a sea of information. Or are we rather drowning in a flood of contradictory news about wars and enemies, populist and refugees, man and earth? Fake news and alternative facts determine the social discourse, the Post-Fact age has been ushered in, the struggle for the truth has begun.

While globalization and population growth gives us the impression that our external world is growing smaller, the distance between the inner worlds of the individual human beings increases. Sensations, perceptions, and opinions are ever more divergent.

Are we prisioners of this inner reality, or is there a reality beyond the personal in which we can unite? If individuals come together to form community with this aim, cannot such a reality arise!?

Through group work and lectures, art and culture, dance and music, we wish to come together and consciously create this REALITY UNITED.

Young people from far and near are warmly invited to take five days and explore this question, sharing time and space to meet one another and share, to celebrate, laugh, have fun and be serious together.

We look forward to seeing you there!